Why Insurance Associates???

Many companies attempt to sell insurance by commercial advertisements using lizards or cartoon characters ... you know the ones. The purpose of the commercials is to entertain, and that they do. BUT, they do not educate buyers about insurance products. If you are an insurance pro ... then this may be a good way to purchase. Most of you have questions about insurance ... otherwise you would not be on this site.

These “national” companies focus on price…period. And although they may sell a lot of their product, they don’t work to understand your individual insurance needs or provide the service you deserve. What is the name of the person that sold you your policy? Do you know your agent’s name? Do they know yours? Do they contact you regularly with advice or suggest better ways to protect your family?

At Insurance Associates we are different – and here is how. We do not want to be an on-line, impersonal shopping experience. Some things cannot be purchased correctly “in 15 minutes or less.” While we certainly value your time, we want you to be comfortable that the coverage you are purchasing to protect your belongings is right for you. Take a moment to speak to one of our agents and you will quickly learn the difference between having insurance – and having insurance with a trusted partner.

To request a free no-obligation consultation, contact us by email - info@insuranceassociates.net - by phone 513-424-2481 or 888-423-2488. One of our experienced, licensed team members will contact you quickly for more details then promptly provide a personalized, detailed proposal.