What To Do When A Loss Occurs

The following information is provided to assist you if a loss occurs. Each claim submitted must be reviewed and evaluated based on facts and your policy of insurance.

Automobile Losses

Water Losses

You may need to take certain temporary measures if you have a water loss of any type. Listed below are some temporary and immediate measures you may wish to take:

Fire Losses

Lightning Losses

Hail, Thunder and Wind Losses

Thunderstorms often bring heavy rains and wind, hail, lightning and sometimes tornadoes. Sometime there is warning ahead of the storm, other times there is not. There are several things you can do to prepare to keep your family safe and secure.


It is important to prepare a "survival" kit including bottled water, battery operated weather radio and flashlight. Remember those extra batteries as well.

As soon as possible, seek shelter from windows. Basements and storm cellars are very good shelters, or take cover in a bathroom, closet or under a sturdy pieces of furniture.

If you are in a car, do not keep driving or try to "outrun" the storm. Stop the car and look for a shelter - if there is none, lie in a low area such as a ditch.

Windshield or Glass Only Repair or Replacement

Some companies have special glass repair and replacement programs. For more specific details, call your company using the number provided.

Preparing for a Weather Emergency

Additional information is available to help you protect your family and/or business. Although nothing can be done to prevent storms or some other hazards, there are actions you can take for safety. The Centers for Disease Control has a web site for Emergency Response and Preparation. The Centers for Disease Control web site includes information on several types of emergency situations. There are several links within the web site that include information on preparing for severe weather.

Remember... Homeowners policies have limits for certain types of personal property including jewelry, securities, coins, art and other valuables. For more information, please contact your agent for details.